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Proudly Organic Farming

G’Day and welcome to Mangapiri Downs Organicstud Farm®, a pioneering organic stud sheep, cattle and forestry farm. We’ve been farming organically here in Blackmount, Western Southland, New Zealand since the mid-1980’s. The farm has been certified fully BioGro organic since March 1989.

Our 469 hectare farm of semi developed virgin Red Tussock hill country (including 70 hectares of forestry) runs 4000 stock units, mainly Wiltshire, SHIRE® sheep, hairy Tufty® cattle and Highland cattle. All pasture, meat, cattle, sheep, wool and stud stock are BioGro certified (#215). We supply organically grown beef and lamb directly to restaurants, organic retailers and families throughout New Zealand. Learn more.

Unique Livestock Breeds

Benefit from 29 years of stud breeding and 26 years of organic stud breeding. We have Wiltshire (shedding) and SHIRE® (hair) rams and ewes available now. Our entire NZ Marsh stud flock, established in 1990, is now for sale.

We are rapidly building up the numbers of our TUFTY® (polled Highland) cattle each year. We have bulls, cows, steers, heifers and calves available all year round.

Sabbatical Fallowing

We use sabbatical fallowing to maintain a truly sustainable Organic farm system free from dependence on imported fertilisers of any kind, or buying in inputs. The method we use involves annually shutting up a different 7th of our farm from Spring right through to early spring the next year when it can be trampled and eaten off. The paddocks grow up to an outsider’s eye like an untidy, uncut, very tall hay paddock, then composts and decomposes.

In 1988, we trialled sabbatical pastoral fallowing on 90 acres of land and since 1995 we have used the system on the entire 469 Ha farm, 1/7th of the farm at a time. After 7 years we had done the whole farm, completing the first cycle by 2002, the second cycle by 2009 and later this year (2016) we’ll have done 3 X 7 year cycles, that’s 21 years of organic sabbatical fallowing. Learn more.